Panoramik Röntgen

Panoramic XRAY

Service Code : PXRAY01

Panoramic x-ray or panoramic radiography, a medical image that dentists use to diagnose and treat their patients. It is a 2-D examination of your mouth with a single image.

200 EUR + VAT
A jaw has a curved structure, but the panoramic x-ray produces a flat image which shows the details of the patient’s bones and teeth.
Although x-rays involve a small dose of ionizing radiation, they are the most common form of medical imaging.
Is it harmful?
Due to its minimal radiation, it is not harmful to the patient, but we still take caution by providing our patients with a lead vest.
Can I have an x-ray while pregnant?
Like a lot of x-rays, dental x-ray must not be performed while pregnant. Therefore, all x-ray procedures must be postponed until after the birth. Our recommendation for patients is to have their panoramic x-rays taken before planned parenthood and to solve their dental problems beforehand. Even if there are problems during pregnancy, the previously taken film will be very helpful to the physician during the pregnancy.
Is x-ray a must?
While not being required in all cases, it can be helpful for your dentist to fully comprehend the patient’s dental structure for certain treatments.