Service Code : ORTH01

Orthodontic treatment is the process of moving a person’s teeth by enforcing them with brackets to move to their correct spots. Teeth perplexity may occur because of various reasons such as the early loss of a decayed tooth, movement of teeth due to gum problems, cleft palate, mouth breathing, finger sucking/pacifier usage at early ages, wisdom teeth growth or teeth grinding. Although it can be treated at any age, it is recommended to start the treatment at before pubirty (before the age of 10-12) to use physical growth and bone development as an advantage.


1.000 EUR + VAT
Prior to the treatment, patients should go through certain tests and analysis to be diagnosed and to create a personal treatment plan. Our dentists examine the jaw and the position of the teeth with the help of the cephalometric film. Smile and profile analysis are also taken into consideration with photographs.
Metal Brackets: Gray metal braces and wires attached to the teeth, most common technique
Porcelain Brackets: White ceramic braces attached to the teeth, aesthetically more pleasing
Orthodontics with Transparent Plaque: Transparent plaques applied to teeth without wires, latest technology in braces treatment
Incognita (Lingual Bracketing): Braces attached to the teeth from inside, not visible from the outside, longer treatment process
Is tooth extraction required in orthodontic treatment?
Tooth extraction for orthodontic treatment is a situation that patients do not want to encounter. The conditions of the patient’s upper and lower jaw and the shape of their face are taken into consideration while deciding on tooth extraction. In certain cases tooth extraction may be required for a more successful orthodontic treatment result.
What is the frequency of the follow-up examinations?
The follow-up examinations are scheduled for every 4-5 weeks. If your orthodontic treatment requires tooth extraction, the examination sessions may be more frequent for the first months.
What should I do if my bracket is broken?
Since the broken bracket will affect the treatment, it is necessary to see your dentist as soon as possible. If the braces hurt your gum, braces wax can be used.
Will my teeth return to their original state after my braces treatment is completed?
After orthodontic treatment, your anterior teeth will be fixed with stabilizer wires. When the treatment is finished, you will have a beautiful teeth structure However, once the braces are removed from your mouth, your teeth will try to return to their previous spots. Therefore, with the help of reinforcement appliances, your teeth will stay in their new positions while the bones are hardened.