Lazer Diş Hekimliği

Laser Dentistry

Service Code : LD01

In the previous years, laser treatments were only used in soft tissue operations or certain aesthetic procedures such as teeth whitening. However, with the latest developments it is now possible to benefit lasers even for the hard tissue operations. The new lasers can used in different procedures from tooth and gum diseases to dental aesthetics. It is now possible to treat the patients with precise laser movements by avoiding healthy teeth or gums.

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Laser treatments are applied to minimize the post-operative swelling and pain in implant surgeries, to create the right level and symmetrical gingiva in aesthetic dentistry, to remove the need of anesthesia in the caries removal process, to abrade the buried bone while removing the tooth, to treat a gum disease without surgical operation, to reduce procedure complications in root canal treatment, to create in jaw locking due to muscle spasm, to cure aphthae and herpes.
Unlike the common belief, laser treatment is not harmful for health as it is a non-ionised light and it doesn’t gather at the patient’s tissue. However, it is important to apply the proper laser length and doses, thus it should be applied by a qualified specialist.
Advantages of Laser Dentistry
  • The laser beam with adjustable power treats the decayed tissue with less material loss
  • Better results in shorter period in teeth whitening procedures
  • Minimum bleeding in laser surgical applications.
  • Less post-operative complications such as swelling, pain and discomfort
  • Quicker recovery