Service Code : Fl01

Inlay-onlay ceramic fillings are recommended for the patients whose tooth tissue is too damaged to be treated with regular filling methods but also solid enough to not require a full crown treatment.


950 EUR + VAT
In certain cases that a patient’s decays have progressed over more teeth and cause distortion on the appearance, inlay-onlay fillings can be utilized as the most aesthetic and durable solution. The porcelain filling material used in this treatment is very compatible with the patients’ teeth and resistant to movements and forces while they are chewing.
During inlay-onlay filling treatments, are held in two different sessions. In the first session our dentists clean all decays in the patient’s mouth. Then, the shape and measurements of the parts in the mouth are taken, to prevent any problem with the attachment of new porcelain filling material. The precise measurements are sent to the laboratory to get the most suitable result and meanwhile the cavity is filled with a temporary material. Once the inlay-onlay filling is prepared by the technicians in the laboratory, our dentists hold the second session to apply it to the patient’s mouth and to polish the material to achieve a natural look.
Advantages of Inlay-Onlay Fillings
  • Unnecessary tooth cuts are not made on the teeth
  • No coloration on the porcelain material over time
  • Resistant to chewing forces
  • No lectern or breakage over the years
  • Aesthetic and hygenic results
  • Easy to apply
  • No hot-cold sensitivity and no decay after the process