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Empress (Full Porcelain)

Service Code : EFP01

Empress crowns are a kind of porcelain that provides translucency, ability to reflect and transmit the light and therefore a natural look. The material’s resistance is increased by firing glass ceramic over a crystalline core that is compress under pressure.

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1.000 EUR + VAT
The procedure starts with taking the photos and measures of the patient’s face and mouth. In order to give an idea of the results to the patient, our dentists use a program called “Mock up” to show the possible outcomes. Once the ideal look is chosen, our dentists apply local anesthesia to the patient to extract a 2mm part from the tooth and send it to the laboratory. During the waiting process, the patient is given temporary teeth according to their natural tooth color.
Empress crowns can be used in the front of the mouth and not in zones that chewing and grinding occurs. As the tooth is cut during the procedure, patients may experience sensitivity for the first few days. When necessary, the sensitivity can be minimized by applying root canal treatment.
As the crowns are shaped in a compatible form with the patient’s tooth, there are no areas under the crown for plaque or bacteria to grow. Therefore, there is no risk for the patients to experience decays. It can be used safely for a long period after the treatment.
Empress or Zirconium?
  • Empress and Zirconium both prove great results and frequently used by dentists.
  • They both don’t include metal base and therefore they are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Empress crowns are preferred when dental bridges are not required.
  • If the patient requires a frontal teeth treatment for one or two teeth, empress crowns are preferred. If further aesthetics and urability is needed, then zirconium is recommended.