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Medilab which has gained your confidence with the high standart services provided since the year 1999 has set up Medilab Assist in the year 2011 in line with the principle of “providing better service in a more effective manner”.

The services provided by Medilab Assist are carried out through business partnerships established with such insurance companies like particularly Anadolu Sigorta as well as Maphre Genel Sigorta, Allianz Sigorta and other insurance companies on the basis of the priviliged projects tailored to the specific needs of the customers.

Medilab Assist which facilitates your life and stands by you whenever you need it ensures the holders of the private health insurance policy not to loose the control of their healthcare expenses and furthermore make use of the A plus service standarts with VIP priviliges while making use of healthcare services.

Medilab Assist which is growing with a very rapid momentum since the date of its foundation provides service to an average number of 10000 people a month as of the year 2015.



Medilab which has been founded in October 1999 provide service in the field of laboratory services and screening which occupies an important place in the healthcare sector. Medilab which is aware of the importance of being involved in the health sector and providing service for human health provides the means required for the doctors to make a correct diagnosis by:

Continiously following up the developments in the field of laboratory and screening,

İncorporating the state of the art products of technology into its structure,

Ensuring the infrastructural means required to obtain reliable results,

Working with a personnel that unites the awareness about the importance of producing good quality Works with the training that they have taken

And finally by giving timely and reliable results to its patients.

Medilab which carries out its laboratory operations with state of the art autoanalysers produced by BeckmanCoulter and RocheDiagnostic makes use of the latest knowledge provided in today’s world by following up the actual developments in the healthcare sector.

Medilab has obtained the accreditation certificate required by ISO 15189 quality standart as a result of the the importance that it has attributed to qualified and scientific work and maintains and enhances the quality standarts through multilateral controls by participating in BIO-RAD international control program and (EQUAS) as well as in BIO-RADIO national quality program (QC).

Medilab provides service to average number of 3000 people a month thanks to its high service standarts.